About EVE Company

China is always praised because of its strong manufacturing ability, and the strong manufacturing can support us to be a strong country. The EVE style is: Perfection, persist on perfection; Innovation, Insist on Innovation. Undertaking 3 of the 100 remarkable national projects in the 13th Five-Year Plan, EVE will actively participate in the new energy industry, focus on manufacturing and providing the best Lithium batteries.

Lithium Primary Battery

The Lithium Primary Battery Products include ER batteries, CR batteries, FR batteries,Super Pulse Capacitor(SPC), High Temperature batteries and etc. EVE Lithium Parimary Battery Products have already been a market leader in Smart Meter, Autmotive Electronics, Smart Security, Data Communication, Intelligent Transportation and a series of related industries.

Lithium-ion Battery

The Lithium-ion batteries include Cylindrical and Prismatic Polymer Batteries, Cylindrincal NCM batteries, Prismatic LFP batteries and etc.
They are widely used in Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage industries.